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Tough lesson: Swimsuit viral ad blows up on University of Arizona grads Respond: Write a letter to the editor | Write a guest opinion Sunny Co offered one of these suits free for users who reposted the image. — Credit: Sunny Co via Instagram A pair of University of Arizona grads are getting a hard, real-world lesson in the power of the internet and viral marketing — and it’s not exactly what they bargained for. Sunny Co Clothing, launched by recent UA grads Alan Alchalel and Brady Silverwood, posted a photo of one of its swimsuits on Instagram on May 2. The company offered one of the $64.99 suits, free except for the cost of shipping and handling, to anyone who reposted the image and tagged the account by the following afternoon. In just 25 hours, the San Diego-based company’s account grew from 7,000 followers to 784,000, and eventually the account was shut down, the company said. Sunny Co pulled down the offer and promised to make its “best effort” to fulfill more than 50,000 promo orders for the red, one-piece “Pamela” suits, saying, “We truly had no idea the response was going to be so overwhelming and we are very sorry for any confusion.” But that didn’t save the company from the wrath of the internet, as Sunny Co was flamed mercilessly on social media by people calling the whole thing a scam and worse. “If you say gullible really slow it kinda sounds like ‘repost for a free swimsuit from sunny co clothing,’ ” one tweeted, while another created a fake Sunny Co Twitter account and tweeted, “We are currently looking for a sweatshop to make the 37 million red swimsuits needed thank you for your patience!” Others mocked the company by riffing on its “Pamela” one-piece in posts, such as one featuring a wrestling team in red tights. In a news release last Thursday, Silverwood and Alchalel reiterated that they were “completely caught off guard by the viral success of the promotion” and said they were “moving at light speed” to fulfill orders that are planned for shipment within three to six weeks. “We are committed to fulfilling the 50,072 Pamela orders that were placed using the discount code ‘Sunny’ on May 3, 2017,” Silverwood said Monday in a prepared response to the Star. “If customers haven’t received a refund from us yet, that means we are working hard to fulfill your order.” Customers who “inadvertently” paid full price for the Pamela swimsuit since the promotion’s inception can file a claim for a refund, the company said in its release, adding that the company had issued nearly $73,000 in refunds. All sales were final for customers who paid just shipping and handling, the company said.

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