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The collection includes T-shirts, fake jewellery and flashy dress-up clothes. Among the royal treasure available to buy in the palace shop is a plastic tiara for $4.98, which is described as'the perfect finishing touch for any princess',apack of threePrincess Charlotte lip balms for $6.22, a pinkt-shirtbearing the image of the 'fictional' princess for $16.20. In addition to that, fridge magnets, glitter cups, crown rings and pendants, all depicting a 'fictional' Princess Charlotte is available. The range's most expensive item is a princessfairy dress, which costs $43.65, according to the Daily Mail. Read : Why Will Kate Middleton And Prince William Shift To London? Speaking about the latest collection, Kensington Palace said: "We stock a variety of gifts, products and souvenirs inspired by the history of the palaces in our shops and online. This particular range features a number of fictional princesses inspired by Kensington Palaces 300-year history and has been on sale since early 2015 - before Charlotte was born. It is entirely coincidental that one of the imaginary characters in the Palace Princesses range shares the same name," according to the Daily Mail. In February, the Palace had released a colouring book Colour In Kate featuring 31 pages of some of Middleton's most memorial moments. It was a tactical move by the Palace as it cashed in on the craze among both adults and children for such books that had cartoons of the Duchess of Cambridge. Meanwhile, Charlotte seems to be following her mother's footsteps as she gives her public appearances in stylish clothes. When George and Charlotte made their first public appearance last year in September, theDuke and Duchess of Cambridge opted for traditional wear for both their toddlers.Charlotte was dressed in a smocked dress, cardigan, and Mary Janes for the party andGeorge was dressed in shorts, long socks and a jumper, according to Daily Mail Related Stories Everything You Need To Know, Right Now.

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