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How The Sun Opposite Neptune Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships This Week, Beginning September 8th

Pisces wants us to dream big and Virgo wants to help us make those dreams a reality. Just around this time, we have a powerful new moon in Virgo as well,  which is truly highlighting beginning that new chapter or romance. Life is just like an astrological transit: we could always find the negative. We could always see the worst of the situation and reasons why something won’t work, but we also can make the choice to look for the light regardless of how dark it may look. The Sun opposite Neptune really wants us to push beyond how we’ve always viewed challenges. It wants us to focus on the dreams, on the amazing, and on the beautiful possibilities that exist around this time. It’s not about wearing rose-colored glasses, but it is about focusing on what we hope to grow. It’s about looking at everything we’ve been through and believing it can be better, and ultimately, it’s about getting to that place where we no longer hold ourselves back. Life can be everything we’ve ever wanted, but the other side of that is we also have to believe in our dreams.

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